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Factor1- Planning And Organising
1). Effective Intelligence
2). Reasoning Ability
 3).Organising Ability
 4).Power of Expression

Factor2- Social Adjustment
 5). Social Adaptability
 6). Co-operation
 7). Sense of Responsibility

Factor3- Social Effectiveness
 9). Self-Confidence
10). Speed of Decision
11).Ability to influence a group

Factor4- Dynamism

(1). Effective Intelligence:-
This is your capability to solve practical problems of different kinds and you must display same practical intelligence to solve these problems.
Situation-: Leaking of Gas from Cylinder in your kitchen. What will you do?

(2). Reasoning Ability:-
It includes your grasp imagination deciding priorities and logical reasoning to resolve issues. It also covers your ability to remain well informal about happenings around you.
Q. Why do you want to become an officer?
Ans. I am an educated young man and I have done B.A.  I come from a good family. My father is a businessman.
1). It is an adventureous and thrilling kind of existence.
2). The uniform will give me the respect and status which any young man wants in life.
3). It will give me a chance to see different places and to meet people from different backgrounds.
4). I feel the defence will train, educate and employ me.
5).Defence will give me financial privileges and perks.

(3). Organising Ability:-
               It means using available resources in a planned and systematic manner. To check this quality you will be asked questions revolving around whatever you have achieved and have indicated in your PIQ form.
To check this quality he may ask questions. Like:
Q. How will you arrange some activity like a tournament of A, B, C, D teams?
Before                         During                                   After
Inform Team            Receive VIP                           Prize Distribution, Party
Hold Draws               Commentary                          Speech
A-B / C-D                    Fair Play    
Rules, Ground
Invite VIP

(4).Power Of Expression:-
It is your ability to express your ideas in a consist and effective manner- both verbally and in written form.
(a) You must be able to express yourself clearly.
(b) Never speak more than required.
(c) Write neatly.
(d) No spelling mistakes.

(5). Social Adaptability:-
It means your ability to quickly adopt to new situations and persons in real life.
To check this quality you may be asked questions revolving around. They want to check up whether you are friendly person or not and what is your attitude towards others.

(6). Co-Operation:- 
This is your ability to be an active member of team. You must be a person who is friendly, well meaning, helpful and cooperative.

(7). Sense of Responsibility:-
This is your ability to carry out or complete a task assigned to you with dedication. Show that you are a law abiding person, who follows the rules and regulations.

(8). Initiative:-
It means taking the 1st step in a new situation in the right direction and sustaining it also. In other words it is your ability to take actions on your own and achieve desired results.

(9). Self Confidence:-
(1). This is the faith you have in your own abilities. Avoid the use of words like, try, could, may etc.
(2). Your body language and the way you convey your ideas indicate this quality rather clearly.

(10). Speed of Decision:-
You must be quick and correct in whatever you do in life. Defence allots considerable importance to to time that you need to arrive at correct decisions.

(11). Ability to influence a group:-
This is the impact you make on others and this impact must be positive. It is possible by showing Intelligent performance and behaviour.

(12). Liveliness:-
(1). You must display high energy level.
(2). You must remain cheerful and maintain a smiling face despite adverse circumstances that you face.

(13). Determination:- 
It means despite obstacles and setbacks what do you do to fulfil your aim. It includes remaining focussed on your goal and deliberately avoiding distractions.

(14). Courage:-
This is your ability to take calculated and purposive risks.

(15). Stamina:-
This is your ability to with stand protected mental and physical stress.
(1). Mental stress is applied during lecturette and GD.
(2). Physical stress is applied during individual obstacles and outdoor tasks.

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