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Q 1.    I had qualified in CDSE. When is my date of interview?
Ans.   After the declaration of result by UPSC, the interviews are normally conducted  after 45 to 60 days. you can see your SSB intreview details on this  website.

Q 2.  I am doing 10+2. How can I apply to be an Army Officer?
Ans.  See the advertisement published by UPSC for NDA in Apr/Sep every year
and  for 10+2 TES Entry in leading news papers in Nov/Dec and May/June every year.

Q 3.  My parents/friends/roommate got the call up letter, I have not received it.
         What can I do?
Ans. You can check your interview dates on this website and report for interview  accordingly. A sample call letter can be downloaded.

Q 4.  I had given the address of Delhi in the application. Now I shifted to Kanpur?
Ans. Check details of your SSB interview on this website. You can download the  instructions and report to the concerned Selection Centre. Write an application to the ADG Rtg, Rtg-6, West Block-III, RK Puram,  New Delhi  regarding change of address.

Q 5.  I received your call up letter. What preparations do I have to do?
Ans.  Get your rail/bus reservation done at the earliest. Go through the instructions.

Q 6.  I am unable to attend the interview on the date given. What should I do?
Ans. Send us an e mail on suggesting period suitable            to you. We will try and accommodate you as per your availability.

Q 7.  My parents or relatives or friend or brother or guardian accompanying me.
         What are the arrangements for their stay?
Ans.  There is no accommodation catered for parents/relatives/friends as they are  not  permitted to enter the Selection Centre premises.

Q 8.  My train is getting late beyond its scheduled arrival time at Allahabad.
         What can I do?
Ans.  If you reach the station late, due to late arrival of train then you are advised to report to the Selection Centre directly under your own arrangement.

Q 9.   My train is reaching four hours before the time of reporting at MCO
         Bangalore/Allahabad/Bhopal. What can I do?
Ans.  Wait at the waiting room/at station and report to the MCO at the appointed  time.

Q 10. If  i come a day before, could you entertain me in the campus?
Ans.  No, you are advised to report on the appointed day. In case you come early
due  to unavoidable circumstances then you have to stay under own arrangement in the city.

Q 11. The train passing through my home station reaches two days before the date
            of reporting. What can I do?

Ans.    You are required to report at the appointed time given in call up letter. In
case due to unavoidable circumstance you reach before then you have to  stay  under
own arrangements in the city.

Q 12. The train passing through my home station reaches one day after the date
            of reporting. What can I do?
Ans.  Late reporting is not permitted. Get your reservation done in some other train which passes from any other station closer to your home station.

Q 13. Can I bring mobile while coming there?
Ans.   No, Mobile and Cameras are strictly prohibited in the Selection Centre
premises. However , you can utilize the STD facility on payment at the Centre.

Q 14. I am having problem in my eye sight. Am I eligible for the SSB interview?
Ans.  The medical standards for joining Armed forces are laid down. They are
different     for       different     categories. For     details      please       visit
 website .

Q 15. I met with an accident and my right elbow got hair line cracks. Can
          I get a second chance?
Ans.  Send your  request alongwith proof to the Selection Centre from where you
got your call. We will give you second chance for interview.

Q 16. I belong to a place which is 50 kms away from Allahabad. Can I report to
           your  centre by a motor-bike. If so, what are the arrangements for parking
           my vehicle in your centre?
Ans.  No, No vehicle whatsoever is permitted inside the Selection Centre premises. You are advised to come upto Selection Centre by any mode i.e Bus/Train/Taxi etc.

Q 17. I belong to Kanpur. Can I use my father's car to report there and use it
          during my stay at your centre?

 Ans.  No, No vehicle whatsoever is permitted inside the Selection Centre premises. You are advised to come upto Selection Centre by any mode i.e Bus/Train/Taxi etc.

Q 18.  I  haven't received the regular call letter. Now I receive the absentee call
           up letter and I couldn't attend the interview on the date scheduled. Do you
           give another date immediately.
Ans.    No, further date is given after absentee batch. To avoid such eventualities
you are advised to visit to see details about SSB interviews well in advance.

Q 19.  My sister's marriage has been fixed a day prior to my reporting at your
          centre.  Can I get a second chance?
Ans.   Yes, you can write/speak to the concerned Selection Centre about your problem and get the date extended. You can also contact us on e mail.

Q 20.  I  am coming by AC class. What can I be reimbursed with in the form
           of Travelling Allowance?
Ans.   You can only get the Traveling Allowance of entitled class of Railways.

Q.21.  I am coming from Mumbai by IAC flight. I want the full charges to
           be reimbursed. What are the procedures?
Ans.   You can only get the Traveling Allowance of entitled class of Railways.

Q 22.  What will be boarding and lodging charges during my stay at your centre?

Ans.   Your boarding and lodging is free of cost during  your stay at Selection Centre.

Q 24.  My son is a vegetarian. Is there separate table for the vegetarians?

Ans.    Yes, we do cater for all.

Q 25.  The documents  of my  son  were  deposited in the College or University.
           You are telling that he should bring the original documents for the
            interview. What can we do?
Ans.   You are advised to get photocopy duly attested by Gazetted Officer while  coming for SSB  interview. However originals will have to be produced at the time of joining the Academy.

Q 26.  I  had deposited my certificates in the counseling centre. As per earlier
           clarification I approached them to give bonafide certificate and they
           have denied. What can I do now?

Ans.   You are advised to get photocopy duly attested by Gazetted Officer while coming for SSB  interview. However originals will have to be produced at the time of joining the Academy.    

Q 27.  I lost my documents in the train. What can I do now?
Ans.    You can report to the Selection Centre with your ID proof. We will entertain you.

Q 28.  My luggage was stolen my somebody. I do not have anything to come with?
Ans.   You can report to the Selection Centre with your ID proof. Your boarding and lodging is free of cost. Meanwhile, you can contact parents/relatives for help if required.

Q 29.  I have my local relatives in the station. Can I be permitted to stay there
           and attend the interview from there?

Ans.    No, you have to stay within the premises of the Selection Centre. However,  you are permitted to go outside the Selection Centre during your stay.

Q.30.  I am a lady candidate. And for the first time I am coming alone from my home
           Do any person accompany me from station to your centre and vice-versa?

Ans.   As per the details given in the call up letter you report at the appointed date
          and time. Our representative will receive all candidates at Railway Station
          and you will be provided transport from Railway Station to Selection Centre.
          Your boarding and lodging is free of cost alongwith other  lady candidates.

Q 31. I am coming by bus. Please tell me where I have to get down?
Ans.  There are two options available:-
(i)  Go to the railway station and meet our representative who will accompany  you till Selection Centre.
(ii)  You can directly report to the Selection Centre.

Q 32. My train is late. I will reach the station by 10.00 PM in the night. Can
          you arrange my reception accordingly?
Ans.  If a candidate reaches late and is unable to report at the given date and time         then he is required to report to Selection Centre directly. In unavoidable circum stances we can consider the case of candidates.

Q 33. Can you tell me the reporting date of mine at your Centre (The caller doesn't            tell anything about himself)?

Ans.  You can visit our website for date of reporting. Normally all call letters do have the reporting date.

Q 34. Why are you conducting the medical examination of my son at Allahabad itself?

Ans.   Medical Examinations are conducted at the station where SSB interviews are held.

Q 35. I had been recommended at Bhopal for IMA entry. Is there a need to
          give another interview for my OTA entry?
Ans.  No, you are required to give interview only once and you are automatically
          considered for OTA provided you have given OTA as your choice.

Q 36. I got only three copies of photographs, will you accept it?
Ans.  Now a days photographers give your photograph within an hour. Get more copies  from photographer once you reach here.

Q 37.Is there any possibility to give the interview in the nearest Selection Centre?
Ans.  No, interviews are conducted only at the centres fixed by ADG Rtg.

Q 38. Could you tell me the merit list of my son?
Ans. Merit list of all entries is being made available at our website . You can also contact on tele Nos given in the respective advertisements. Merit list is also displayed at candidates Reception Room at the office of ADG Rtg at West Block-III, RK Puram New Delhi.

Q 39.Do you give food and accommodation free of cost or recover at later stage?
Ans. Boarding and lodging is free of cost. No such recovery is done at a later stage.

Q 40.I had opted for Air Force. Why I have been called for an interview at your
         Centre, which is selecting candidates for Army?
Ans. Candidates who habitually wear glasses are not considered for Air Force. Hence, they are given their second choice and are interviewed accordingly. Also, since Air Force is unable to handle all their candidates, their load is shared by Army Selection Boards.

Q 41.What are the avenue available to me to become officer at intermediate level?
Ans. NDA and 10+2 TES entries are available. Visit our website for complete details.

Q42. What are the avenues available to me to join army at Graduate level?
Ans.  Following entries are available

          (i) IMA     (ii)  OTA    (iii) NCC Spl Entry Scheme   (iv)  TGC    (v) UES. For
          complete details visit our website

Q 43.What are the avenues available to me to join army as a technical graduate?
Ans.  Technical Graduate course and UES course for Permanent commission and Short Service Commission are available. For details visit website .

 Q 44. I have done NCC and obtained 'C' certificate what are the avenues available for
Ans.  Certain vacancies for NCC 'C' certificate holders are reserved for IMA and OTA. For IMA you have to apply through UPSC ie combined Defence Services Examination (CDSE) and for OTA through NCC Spl entry Scheme for which advertisement is published in Jun/Jul and Nov/Dec every year. NCC Spl Entry scheme is a Non UPSC Entry.

Q 45. Is there minimum percentage laid down for NDA and CDS examination?
Ans.  No, you have to pass your minimum education qualification and appear for the examination conducted by the UPSC.

Q 46. What are the maximum chances I can avail for SSB interview?
Ans.  There is no limit laid down. You can appear for SSB interviews upto the permissible age.

Q 47.What are the medical standards laid down to become an officer in the Indian
Ans.  For medical standard visit our website .

Q 48. Do you give any preference to the wards of Armed Forces for SSB interview?
Ans.  No, such preference is given to the wards of Armed Forces for SSB interview.

Q 49. If I receive my SSB interview date once, it is possible to fix the same at any
          other time?
Ans. Yes, If you are unable to attend the SSB interview due to unavoidable circumstance, you can write/speak on tele to the concerned Selection Centre from  where you have got the call. They will give you another date for SSB interview.

Q 50. From where can I obtain the form for Non UPSC entries?
Ans.  Application forms are published alongwith the advertisement published for different entries. Common application form applicable for all Non UPSC entries can be downloaded from website

Q 51. What are the facilities available for guidance/information/clarification regarding
          the application form?

Ans. Candidates can contact Additional Directorate General of Recruiting at their Reception Room at West Block-III, RK Puram, New Delhi or over telephone No 011-26173215/011-26175473 on all working days between 0900hrs to 1700hrs.

Q 52.Will I get any compensation if I get injured during SSB interview?
Ans.  No compensation will be paid in respect to any injury sustained as a result of test conducted at SSB.

Q.53.Can I submit more than one application form for the same entry?
Ans.  No, only one application is required to be submitted.

Q 54. What are the future growth prospects for officers in the Navy?
Ans.  The Navy is reflective of the technological progress of the country. The sophisticated ships, submarines and aircraft of the Navy require only the best talent in the country to operate. The fact that the Navy is evolving into a formidable regional force is indicative of the high quality of the men manning it.The credit also goes to the professional attitude of the HRD organization and the Training Establishments of the Navy. An officer in the Navy is provided with all the opportunities to improve professionally and the exposure is conducive to develop as an alert, responsible and committed individual. The officers who are competent and deserving in all respects have the potential to rise to the very top in the hierarchy. For the talented and hardworking Officers, the opportunity is available to reach the very top i.e. they can rise to the rank of an Admiral. Even amongst sailors, the deserving can upgrade themselves as Commissioned Officers and rise as per their competence.

Q 55. Sir, I Hold a Engineering Degree, Which Branch can I join in the Navy? Please
         advise the procedure?
Ans.  As an engineer, you have a choice to either join the Executive Branch, Education Branch or the Technical Branches. As an Executive Officer, the challenges are unique and entail responsibility of leading men into war. The Technical Branches contribute in maintaining the equipment having cutting edge technology. The complete exposure is loaded with excitement and stimulates you in achieving professional excellence. As an Education officer you train the officers and me at various academies and professional training establishment of the Navy.

Q 56. I completed my graduation from a private institution can I join the Navy?
Ans.  It is mandatory that all Degrees and Educational Qualifications are recognized by the University Grants Commission (UGC). All candidates desirous of joining the Indian Navy must be physically/medically fit, as per laid down standards. Proficiency in sport, swimming and extra-curricular activities is desirable.

Q 57.I have a NCC 'C' certificate, does the Navy give me any preference for election?
Ans. University graduates possessing NCC 'C' certificate with minimum 'B' grading and 50% marks in the graduation degree examination are inducted in the navy as regular commissioned officers. These graduates are exempted from appearing in the CDSE conducted by the UPSC and are selected through the SSB interview only. They join the Naval Academy for NOC along with the CDSE cadets. The NCC certificate holders can also apply for Short Service Commission in Executive ranch. They are required to be a graduate in Science with Physics and Maths.

Q 58. What is Permanent Commissioned officer in Naval Armament Inspection cadre
         of Executive Branch?
Ans The permanent commissioned officers in Naval Armament Inspection cadre of  Executive Branch are responsible for inspection of the armament supplied to the Navy by various agencies ensuring the quality, safety and reliability of Naval Armament and Stores. These officers are also responsible for in-house R & D leading to dise genisation.

Q 59. What is Short Service Commissioned officer in Air Traffic Control cadre?
Ans. The officers in the Air Traffic Control cadre of Executive Branch of the IndianNavy( male & female Indian citizens), are responsible for controlling naval fighter aircraft, reconnaissance aircraft and multi role helicopters ashore and afloat.

Q 60. What is Short Service Commissioned officer in Hydro cadre?
Ans. The officers in the Hydro cadre of Executive Branch of the Indian Navy are short service commissioned officers (male Indian Citizens), who are responsible for collecting information needed for the charts used by the Indian Navy and other  navies of the world. Their career is interspersed from duties afloat and on shore.

Q 61. What is Permanent Commission (PC), in Education Branch?
Ans. Officers in the Education Branch are responsible for scientific & methodical instruction and teaching which includes theoretical aspects of all Technical subjects  taught in the Indian Navy. Education officers are also required to teach officers & sailors in the training establishments such as Naval College of Engineering, NDA, Naval Academy etc.

Q 62.What is 10+2 (B Techl) cadet entry Scheme in Permanent Commission?
Ans.Under the scheme, candidates with 10 +2 (PCM) qualifications, after selection through the Services Selection Board, can make a career in Executive/ arine/Electrical/Electronic Engineering/ Naval Architecture branch of Indian Navy. They undergo a four year Engineering course at prestigious Indian Naval Academy at Ezhimala and Cochin University of Science & technology (CUSAT,for   Naval Architecture) under this entry.

Q 63. What is SSC officer in Technical Branches (Submarine cadre)?
Ans. As a Short Service Commissioned officer in technical Branches (Submarine Cadre) you will enjoy the challenge of new frontiers and will be the part of elite arm of the Indian Navy.

Q 64.What is the University Entry Scheme(UES)?
Ans. Final year Engineering students are eligible for induction into the technical Branches/Cadres of the Navy under the scheme. Naval selection teams from the  IHQ of MoD (Navy) and Command Headquarters visit AICTE approved Engineering colleges across the country to shortlist the candidates. The short listed candidates, based on All India Merit, are called for interview at the Services Selection Board. The successful candidates, thereafter, are put through the medical tests. Final selection is based on all India merit on the basis of marks obtained in the SSB interviews.

Q 65. How Often Will I Get Promoted?
Ans.  The promotion till the rank of a Commander is on a time scale basics. The promotion to further higher ranks is based on selection. All promotions are subject  to your clearing the required qualification course /exams on time and meet the sea service, physical and medical requirement for your branch.


Q 66.  Which branches can women apply for in the Navy?
Ans. Presently, women officers are being inducted into the Law, Logistics, ATC,  Observers (Aviation), Naval Architecture & Education Branch as Short Service Commission officers. However, the Government has now approved Permanent Commission for women in Law, Education and Naval Architecture cadre. In the Navy, the Service conditions are same for men and women officers.

Q 67.  Do women train separately from men?
Ans.No. Women undergo the same training as men. However women have separate living quarters.

Q 68.  Why do you prevent Girls from going to sea? We are no less than any one else?
Ans. The Navy is very gender sensitive and gives equal opportunities to women. We have offered almost all Branches to Women and let them compete with men on equal footing. You will appreciate that life on board ships is very tough and puts different kind of stress and strain on an individual. As of now, the existing design of ships do not offer necessary facilities for women to live on board for long durations and contribute in war fighting effort. However, this is not a final decision. As we grow, a time shall come when women will be seen on ships. In the meantime, as a women officer, you do have the opportunity to contribute in support functions from ashore, which are equally challenging and exciting.

Q 69.  What are the grooming requirements for women in the Navy?
Ans. Women are expected to maintain the same high standards of appearance as men. The only difference is that women are allowed to wear their hair longer, provided it is a style that is easy to maintain and meets certain regulations.

Q 70.  Do the women have separate vacancy?
Ans. No special status is conferred to women candidates and they compete with Short Service male candidates on open merit system. Vacancies are filled in the order of merit based on marks obtained in Services Selection Board.

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