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In this test, the psychologist wants to know whether a candidate knows himself/herself well or not. He, therefore, asks him to write what he  knows about himself. He has to write five paragraphs describing as to what his/her
(a) parents think about him/her,
(b) when the teachers/seniors employers think about,
(c) friends think of him/her
(d) what does he think of himself/herself and
(e) what he would like to become in life and what qualities he would like
     to cultivate in him.
This exercise is to be done using I and mostly avoiding the extremes in mentioning qualities, to give negative to improve upon but not lack of OLQs, but only in the opinion of others. Need for OLQs is not to be mentioned anywhere. In case of ones own opinion, one should just summarise OLQ. No mention of negatives should be there in this para. Again, in para no five, it is better not to mention any look of OLQs. One can talk of negatives in different areas, adventurous nature and one can talk of improvement in hobbies and interests etc.
This exercise is for 15minutes and it is to be done in roughly a page and a half or so.
The 5 paras are:-
1) Opinion of parents about you,
2) Opinions of your teachers (In case a person is employed, then opinion
    of employers/seniors
3) Opinion of friends/colleagues etc. (if employed).
4) Opinion of self and qualities you want to have.
5) The qualities so asked for should be general, interests/ hobbies etc.


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