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02-12-2014 QUESTION OF THE DAY 02 DEC 2014

Ques. : 1   The PM Narendra Modi launched ‘Swachh Bharat’ mission on 2 Oct. Which of the following is NOT correct with respect to the new mission?
1) The country's biggest-ever cleanliness drive is expected to cost nearly Rs 5 lakh cr.    
2) The logo of the campaign is ‘Gandhi's spectacles’ and the slogan ‘Ek Kadam Swachhata Ki Or’.
3) As per a WHO estimate, a person in India loses about Rs 6,500 per annum due to illness and poor health as he is unable to perform day-to-day duties.    
4) The govt has decided to merge the 'Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan', a campaign for rural sanitation with Swachh Bharat Mission.
5) The urban component of the Mission is proposed to be implemented over 5 years starting from 2 Oct 2014 in all 4,041 statutory towns.     

Ques. : 2   In its recently bi-monthly policy review, the RBI maintained that the GDP growth in the current fiscal will be
1) 5 per cent     2) 5.5 per cent     3) 6 per cent     4) 6.5 per cent   5) None of these     

Ques. : 3   The book titled ‘Kutsa Pakhha’ [Those Who Slander] has been authored by
1) Mamata Banerjee     2) J Jayalalithaa    3) N Chandrababu Naidu     4) Sasikala Natarajan
5) None of these     

Ques. : 4   The Indian women's kabaddi team notched up its second successive gold medal at the 17th Asian Games beating which of the following teams in the summit clash?
1) Iran     2) Nepal   3) Pakistan     4) Indonesia     5) None of these     

Ques. : 5   Which of the following pairs won the men’s doubles title of the Malaysian Open 2014?
1) Jamie Murray and John Peers     2) Leander Paes and Marcin Matkowski
3) Scott Lipsky and Rajeev Ram     4) Mahesh Bhupati and Marc Lopez
5) None of these     

Ques. : 6   At least 32 people were killed and several others injured in a stampede that broke out after the end of the Dussehra celebrations in a field filled with huge crowds in _______recently.
1) Kolkata     2) Lucknow     3) Patna     4) Bhubaneswar      5) None of these     

Ques. : 7   India won the hockey gold at the 17th Asian Games after 16 years recently. It defeated which of the following teams?
1) South Korea     2) Malaysia    3) Pakistan     4) Japan    5) None of these     

Ques. : 8   Which of the following teams won the gold medal of the Men’s Kabaddi at the 17th Asian Games recently? It is the winner of gold medal in the last six editions since the sport made its debut in Beijing in 1990.
1) Iran     2) Nepal      3) Sri Lanka     4) India     5) None of these     

Ques. : 9   The Centre has accorded in-principle approval for setting up six more STPIs in Odisha. The STPIs are set up for which of the following purposes?
1) Sewage treatment     2) Skill training of youth    3) Schedule tribe’s development    
4) Promote software exports       5) None of these     

Ques. : 10   Jeffrey P Bezos, who visited India, recently, and also met the Prime Minister Narendra Modi, is the current Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of which of the following multination giants?
1) Amazon     2) ebay     3) Walmart     4) Dell      5) None of these     

1    Answer: - The govt has decided to merge the 'Nirmal Bharat Abhiyan', a campaign for
      rural sanitation with Swachh Bharat Mission.
2    Answer:- 2) 5.5 per cent
3    Answer:- 1) Mamata Banerjee
4    Answer:- 1) Iran
5    Answer:- 2) Leander Paes and Marcin Matkowski
6    Answer:- 3) Patna
7    Answer:- 3) Pakistan
8    Answer:- 4) India
9    Answer:- 4) Promote software exports
10    Answer:- 1) Amazon

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