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24-12-2014 KNOCK KNEE


Knock knee is one of the reasons for becoming medically unfit. Most candidates are not clear about this medical condition and hence carry many apprehensions and misinformation. Knock knee is a rare problem and in most of cases the bone alignment is Fine and a person appears to be knock kneed due to access fat on thighs’ and such candidates tend to get tense unnecessarily.

What Is Knock Knee

Knock Knee is called GENU VAZGUM in medical terms. In this condition the KNEES ANGLE IN and touch one another when the legs are straightened. When a person stand straight. A person with knock knee will have a gap between his ankles and not between the knees.

How To Check Yourself

Stand in a normal position with a gap of apprx 3 inches between your ankles. If the knees touch slightly there is no problem. However, if the knees are pressing hard against each other one many have a knock knee. On case of doubt you must consult an orthopedic surgeon.

Treatment & Exercise for Knock Knee

At your age there isn’t much that one can do to remove acute knock knee. There may be some scope in marginal knock knee cases.

How to mitigate Problem of Knock Knee

a) Reduce your weight.
b) Take vitamin C & D and Calcium
c) Wear arches in your shoes.
d) Sleep with pillow between your knees.
e) Horse riding will help.
f) Keep a block between your thighs and press hard in-words and hold for some time.
g) Exercise to correct Knock Knee.

Causes of knock knee

Knock knee is fairly common in healthy children under six or seven years old. It occurs because a child’s weight falls to the outside of their knee joint, which is a normal part of their growth and development.

In most cases, knock knee corrects itself without the need for treatment. A child's body undergoes manychanges as they grow – this includes their legs, which gradually change shape and become straighter.
If knock knee does not correct itself and the distance between your child’s ankles is greater than 10cm(around four inches), or if their knees are not symmetrical (even), your child may have an underlyinghealth condition or growth problem.
In most cases of knock knee the cause is unknown, although childhood conditions that can be responsible

  •  rickets – a rare condition that affects a child's bone development and is usually caused by a vitamin D deficiency (sunlight is a source of vitamin D and is also found in oily fish, eggs and fortified spreads and breakfast cereals)
  •  nutritional conditions – such as scurvy (a vitamin C deficiency), which can adversely affect the development of bones and joints (although this is rare) 
  •  rare genetic conditions – examples include Cohen syndrome, which causes a number of problems,such as moderate to severe learning difficulties, progressive visual problems and unusually bendy joints 
A family history of skeletal abnormality can also be an underlying cause of knock knee in children.
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